From adrenaline-filled adventures such as climbing and diving to relaxing fishing and nature experiences, we offer a variety of activities at Fosen for all ages and interests. Let Stoksund Seapark be your starting point for unforgettable experiences!

Tours can be arranged from Fosen Aktiv. See their website for their range of activities and experiences.

SUP – Board

Standing and paddling offers great views and is suitable for all ages without prior knowledge or a lot of equipment. It’s as good on lakes as it is along the coast, suitable for flat water and surfing. SUP is an easy way to cover distances and provides good training for strength and balance.

Peak tours: Fosen Via Ferrata

Are you ready for this summer’s big news and experience here at Fosen? The Fosen Via Ferrata is a completely newly established “climbing trail”, in the center of Åfjord, on the mountain Mælanakken.

Rib trip to Halten

Trip out to Halten lighthouse in Froan, from Åfjord or Stoksund. Halten is an old fishing village in the far north of Froan. Here it is hosted in the summer season with options for food and drink (permit). We can also get a tour of the lighthouse.

Rib tour for companies

Stop by one of the coast’s beautiful island chains, an exciting lighthouse or take a beach break on hidden beaches.

Take a bike ride!

Take a bike ride and experience the varied nature in Åfjord!

Climbing and bouldering

Harbak in Åfjord is known as a great place for climbing and bouldering. Located only 20 min. from Stoksund Seapark.


The coast along Åfjord consists of a long series of islands and reefs, which create ideal locations for all types of scuba diving, free diving and underwater hunting – in different types of weather. Locations for diving Åfjord underwater

River paddling in Stordalselva

Experience excitement and get close to nature!

See northern lights

Opportunities to see the northern lights – especially in the period from October to March.

Nature experiences

Åfjord offers nature experiences whether you like the sea or the mountains. This film clip was taken from the bridge to Linesøya and shows a group of whales passing by.

Salmon fishing

Salmon fishing in Stordalselva and Nordalselva – two of the country’s best small salmon rivers.

Freshwater fishing

Possibilities for fishing in several waters in Åfjord with one card – the Åfjord card ! A collaboration between Åfjord Utmarkslag and Åfjord Fjellstyre.

Sea and ocean fishing

Sea and ocean fishing just outside Stoksund Seapark. We have boats and life jackets for hire . Bring your own fishing equipment.

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